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Service center for Engine/Rebuild Component Machine shop to repair/recondition:


‣Cylinder head
‣Cylinder block
‣Connecting rod
(Turbo charger, lub oil pump, water pump, Tappet etc.)
‣ Repair of Fuel injection systems Cummins/Bosch/ Motorpal/Zexel
‣Cummins full range of Pumps and Injectors

Engine Assembly

‣Fully equipped assembly shop
‣ All required special tools available
‣Skilled manpower

Engine Testing

‣One HHP Test bed with Capacity up to 2000 HP
‣New LHP/MHP test bed recently inaugurated. One of a
      kind Acoustic canopy with an eddy current dynamometer capable of testing up to 450 HP
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State of the art repair facility for:
‣Low to High Tension Alternators
‣All types of DC motors
‣All types of AC motors
‣25 ton crane facility for material
Repair facility highlights
‣ Winding machine,
‣ Dynamic balancing machine
‣ 400 Ton hydraulic press
‣ Vacuum impregnation
‣ Baking oven
‣ Resistance brazing machine
‣ 3 Phase Surge tester
‣ Winding tester
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